Browse_feat.Lucy Ferguson

Lucy started YH World, a media company specialised in communication for / with young people in Hackney. She knows the area inside out, and browses from Hackney Road to Shoreditch High St, via Arnold Circus.

Tags: Stabbing, shooting, Jago, slum, creative, gay, differences, Arnold Circus, developments.

Browse_feat. Tommy

Tommy shares an office at Village Underground. Involved in visual arts, he takes Browse on a tour around Brick Lane to his favourite street artworks, and record shop.

Tags: Shoreditch, graffiti, tags, Brick Lane, Vibe Bar, Hip Hop, Rough Trade, vibrant, Monkey

Browse_feat. Ernie

Ernie - resident of Stepney - spends most of the week in St Hilda's on Club Row.
When I told him about the rope sculpture (dedicated to traders) that Pickles had highlighted in her video (see below), he told me a joke.
Listen to the man who likes a laugh and a joke tell the story.

Tags : rope, joke, pub

Browse_feat. Sami

Sami has lived in the area for almost 10 years. Here, she takes us to the heart of the estate, Arnold Circus and the importance of the local features for the community.

Tags: Heart, "St Hilda's", "Arnold Circus", lovely, green, streets, dog, kids, building

Browse_feat. Yasin

Yasin is a talented young guy, a rapper amongst other creative hats. We met on Arnold Circus - the 'home' of Shoreditch. Play this video as loud as you can as it was windy and noisy.

Tags: ghetto, Shoreditch, art, graffiti, modern, buildings, historical, youth, home

Browse_feat. Chima

Chima is a screenwriter / film director based at Village Underground. He decided to cycle with the glasses on = great result!

Tags: graffiti, London, business, building, Brick Lane, Vibe Bar, hello, barter, Richmix