Browse_feat. Teresa Cisneros

As Teresa works ( atIniva - Institute of International Visual Arts), and lives locally, she is very well placed to talk about the area.

She focus on Shoreditch High St, for she spends a lot of time there, and the local economy is so diverse and interesting that there is too much to say already. She says it all better, so why not watch the video.

Tags: Shoreditch, economy, value, history, slums, locals, business, City

We're really interested in Iniva's current project'Social Archive One'where participants become citizen journalist during workshops, and more.
Basically, we agree that people should be empowered more, and have more of a direct say.

Social Archive One project info. Currently.

Remember, you can follow us on Facebook now, and we are looking for support via WeDidThis. Any spare £10 is much appreciated! 12 days to go.

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