Swap & Share Picnic at Arnold Circus

On 17th July, Browse took 3 pairs of Video Specs to the Friends of Arnold Circus 'Swap & Share Picnic' as we'd been invited by the curator Alice Herrick. We asked people who came to the picnic but also participants to wear the Video Specs for a bit and record their experience. The idea was to make a little video to show how wonderful the event was but also how great a community there is in & around Arnold Circus, thanks to the great effort of the Friends.

The music was curated by End of the Road festival and Rough Trade Shops and the whole day was wonderful! Spit cherries to make tunes, eat pani puris with St Hilda's, have your portrait taken and also painted... Lots lots going on. The video will tell you more, just watch it!

Filmed and narrated by:
Alex Djao, Asma, Beatrice, Daniele Di Pede, Gillian Burton, H, Ho Ruin, Imyaz, Jaida, Joh, K, Karen Janody, Livvy, Mahmuda, Marine Shah, Martha, Megan Charnley, Oona, Pam, Q, Rebecca Collings, Richard, Rohima, Sonia, and Steve la Jolie.

To find out what next's year OlymPicnic has on offer, follow them here and read about it on the FOAC website

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